Record number of sick sea lions and seals in California; many dead pups covered in abscesses and pus

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CBS San Francisco: Record number of sick seals & sea lions — Doctor: A lot with “large pockets of green and yellow puss all over their body” (VIDEOS)

CBS San Francisco, Apr. 16, 2014:
Marine Mammal Center Says More Animals In Need Than Ever Before

[…]  Walking among the pens of California sea lions, elephant seals and harbor seals, Marine Mammal Center spokeswoman Laura Sherr said they expect to have 200 mammals by the end of the week, which will be a per-day record.

CBS Video Title: A record number of seals and sea lions have become sick and are being treated at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito
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KCBS Radio, Apr. 16, 2014 —
Marine Mammal Center spokeswoman Laura Sherr:

“Right now we have in hand, live animals, 194.”
[…] The previous per day record for patients at the facility was 179.
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USC Impact, Kaysie Ellingson, Mar. 27, 2014:
An environmental problem threatens the lives of sea lions on the California coast

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Rescue and rehabilitation wasn’t the [California Wildlife Center’s] only responsibility. Much of their work dealt with the pups that had died.
Duane Tom, veterinarian at the California Wildlife Center: “We were doing a lot of necropsy for them. We found a lot with abscesses — there were just large pockets of green and yellow puss all over their body — whether it’s in their lungs, in their liver. It looks like they got sick systemically.”
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Former mayor: I have to speak the truth

Futaba is three kilometers from Fukushima Dai-chi.

Former Mayor Katsutaka Idogawa evacuated Futaba residents immediately after the disaster and refused to authorize their return when pressured by Japanese authorities. Interview with Katsutaka Idogawa


“Exposing people to the current levels of radiation in Fukushima is a violation of human rights.”

“Fukushima Prefecture has launched the Come Home campaign. In many cases, evacuees are forced to return. Here is a map of Fukushima Prefecture, with areas hit by radiation highlighted in yellow, and you can see that the color covers almost the entire map. Air contamination decreased a little, but soil contamination remains the same. And there are still about two million people living in the prefecture, who have all sorts of medical issues. The authorities claim this has nothing to do with the fallout. I demanded that the authorities substantiate their claim in writing but they ignored my request. There are some terrible things going on in Fukushima.”

“We must protect our children. I talked to local authorities in different places in Fukushima, but no one would listen to me. They believe what the government says, while in reality the radiation is still there. This is killing children.”

“Officially, both the central government and the prefecture authorities say there is no radiation. They’re not doing anything, and they’re not going to do anything. They say Fukushima Prefecture is safe, and that’s why nobody’s working to evacuate children, move them elsewhere. We’re not even allowed to discuss this.”


Marshall Islands Sues Nuclear-Armed Nations

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Just a few hours ago, the Republic of the Marshall Islands filed lawsuits against all nine nuclear-armed nations. All nine were named in applications to the International Court of Justice in The Hague, while an additional lawsuit was filed against the United States in U.S. Federal District Court in San Francisco.

The courage of the Marshall Islands in filing these lawsuits is admirable. The people of the Marshall Islands were subjected to 67 nuclear weapon tests by the United States from 1946-1958. The tests caused untold suffering that continues to this day through cancers, displacement and death.

But the RMI is not filing these lawsuits in retaliation for those nuclear weapon tests. A couple of days ago I spoke with Tony de Brum, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Marshall Islands. He told me, “The Marshall Islands, as close and enduring friends of the United States, view this action as a movement toward universal peace and security, a goal shared with the United States.”
In other words, sometimes friends need to stage an intervention when someone is addicted to something that puts themselves and others at great risk. “Friends don’t let friends threaten the world with nuclear annihilation.”

The lawsuits claim that the nuclear-armed nations are in breach of Article VI of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Essentially, they are not negotiating in good faith for nuclear disarmament, which is required under the treaty and under customary international law. They are continuing the nuclear arms race by modernizing their nuclear arsenals; Article VI requires that they negotiate an end to the nuclear arms race.

Non-nuclear weapon states have had enough. The nuclear age has gone on for far too long.

You can voice your support for the Marshall Islands’ bold action at

NRC told labs to “knock it off” on Fukushima testing and public comment

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff had a meeting on March 12, 2011. United States National Laboratories (these labs include Brookhaven, Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, etc.) were contacting them about analyzing Fukushima data and wanting to help. The NRC staff discusses in this transcript telling the labs to “back off” and “knock it off” because “the last thing we want is the labs going off, talking to the press, talking about consequences and all sorts of other stuff.”

Title: NRC worried about US National Labs “chomping at the bit” to help with Fukushima Radiation analysis – Call lab directors and say “Knock it off”
Source: Enformable
Date: Feb 28, 2012

Nuclear Regulatory CommissionSaturday, March 12, 2011

MR. SHARON: This is Brian Sharon. Quick question, well, not question, but I’ve gotten a couple of emails here today, from some of the National Labs, and they’re all — there are a couple of them chomping a the bit, you know, saying, “Ghee, can we help? Ghee, can we go calculate this,” with the codes and all that stuff.
I keep telling them, “No, you don’t know the scenario,” but you know, somebody might want to call DOE and tell them to tell their labs to cool it, because the last thing we want is the labs going off, talking to the press, talking about consequences and all sorts of other stuff, because you know, they’re chomping at the bit, to do something, and I’m not sure, Eliot, maybe you’ve got a point of contact up there at DOE?

MR. BRENNER: I’ll send a note to their Press Secretary, asking him, through his chain, to reach out, down to the labs and tell them to back off. If we’ve got other chains, we might as well –

MALE PARTICIPANT: If I could chime in on that? On the Deputy’s call yesterday, I was on with the Chairman, and Pete Lyons was one of the principals at DOE. Lyons may be a good source to contact at DOE.

MR. JOHNSON: This is Mike Johnson. My other thought was, it may be just to cut to the chase, just to pass the same, to call the lab directors and say, “Knock it off,” or whatever messages we want to get to them.
There are a number of ways we can do this.
So, I agree, Brian, we’ve got to do it soon.

MR. McDERMOTT: Okay, we’ll take that action from headquarters.

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By the way, Brian Sharon, what is the “scenario”?

Fukushima radiation is killing children

Interview with Katsutaka Idogawa, former mayor of Futaba, Fukushima Prefecture, April 21, 2014:
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• Katsutaka Idogawa, former mayor of Futaba in Fukushima Prefecture:
There are still about 2 million people living in the prefecture, who have all sorts of medical issues. The authorities claim this has nothing to do with the radiation fallout from Fukushima. I demanded that the authorities substantiate their claim in writing, but they ignored my request. There are some terrible things going on in Fukushima. […] The biggest problem is that there is no one to help us. […] I talked to local authorities in different places in Fukushima, but no one would listen to me. They believe what the government says, while in reality radiation is still there — and it is killing children. They are dying of heart conditions, asthma, leukemia, thyroid complications. Lots of kids are extremely exhausted after school, others are simply unable to attend PE classes. But the authorities are still hiding the truth from us, and I don’t know why. Don’t they have children of their own? It hurts so much to know they can’t protect our children.

At 22:30 in
• Sophie Shevardnadze, host:
The United Nations report on the radiation fallout from Fukushima says no radiation-related deaths or acute diseases have been observed among the workers and the general public exposed. So it’s not that dangerous after all? Or is there not enough information available to make proper assessments?

• Idogawa:
This report is completely false. The report was made by a representative of Japan – Professor Hayano. Representing Japan, he lied to the whole world from the UN podium. When I was mayor, I knew many people who died from heart attacks, and then there were many people in Fukushima who died suddenly, even among young people. It’s a real shame that the authorities hide the truth from the whole world, from the UN. We need to admit that actually many people are dying, we are not allowed to say that, but TEPCO employees also are dying. But everyone is keeping mum about it.

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Former Official: Fukushima radiation is killing children… heart problems, leukemia, thyroid — Terrible things are going on — Authorities hiding truth from world — We need to admit many people are dying, but we’re not allowed to say that (VIDEO)

An Invisible Attack on the Human Race

Interview with Dr. Christopher Busby, 6 minutes
Interview starts at 2:41

Dr. Busby discusses radiation causing infertility, genetic mutations, deformities, genetic instability, congenital malformations

Dr. Busby is Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk and member of UK Department of Health Committee Examining Radiation Risk for Internal Emitters (CERRIE)

Excerpts, transcribed by Mack (1)

“I should say something about Fukushima and also Chernobyl and infertility.

The truth is that infertility has been increasing in the world for the last 30 or 40 years probably because of all the radionuclides that people are exposed to originally from the weapons fallout, global atmospheric testing, and then from Chernobyl and now from Fukushima…

The main thing is to get away from the radiation because what they have to realize is this is an invisible attack on the human race. It’s something that will appear over the next 20 30 40 years and its cause will not really be investigated.”

“…Once you irradiate these creatures and also human beings… you initiate a process called genomic instability, and then this is like throwing the switch, and what it does is it increases the genetic mutation rates, quite apart from any mutation that the radiation causes, that’s a separate thing, this is like an automatic switch that is thrown at quite low doses, and then you pass this switch onto your children and they pass it onto their children and so on.” In a study of bank voles, “they found that TWENTY-TWO generations have still got this switch.”

“I’ve studied the nuclear test veterans…men who worked for the British army at the nuclear tests in the Pacific in the 60’s, and I’ve studied their children and their grandchildren. What we found is that the children of these test veterans… have about a 9-FOLD EXCESS of congenital malformations, but the extraordinary thing it the grandchildren also have an 8-fold excess of congenital malformations, so the normal genetic idea that you pick off the weak and then it goes down and then you get the strong…this is the nuclear old idea–nuclear war–we just have radiation resistant people survive is just is not true.

What happens is it just throws a big switch and everybody is affected, and you’re affected for generations and generations, so it doesn’t even matter if these radionuclides all decay because you’ve imprinted something on the human genome which is there forever. That’s the danger.”