— Nuclear scientist Dr. Chris Busby, critic of Skripal poisoning story, arrested by UK police

From Global Research

Freedom of Expression in the UK: Prominent British Scientist and Critic of the Skripal Poisoning Story Arrested

Global Research, September 15, 2018

The UK government is now targeting critics of the fake chemical attack in Salisbury it has attributed to the Russians with zero evidence.

Most recent example, Dr. Chris Busby, a British retired nuclear scientist. His home in Bideford, Devon was raided after cops responding to a domestic argument reported feeling sick after visiting the residence.

Later, it was reported, these supposedly stricken officers felt fine.

Busby was arrested and detained under the explosives act.

I believe the “concern for a woman’s safety” and the reportedly sickened cops are phony as the Skripal poisoning itself. Dr. Busby was targeted for his criticism of the government response to the Skripal affair. He has also criticized the United States for using depleted uranium.

Busby was raided, arrested, and his home sealed off not because he posed a threat to a woman—or because the authorities claim there is a dangerous lab in the home—but because he has appeared on RT and elsewhere expressing a belief the Skripal affair is a false flag.

From The Sun:

Dr Busby is used as an “expert” by the Kremlin-backed RT channel – formerly Russia Today – which today broadcast a staggering interview with suspected Salisbury hitmen Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov.

The website headline reads: “COP POISON PROBE Police taken ill with ‘chemical poisoning’ after raid on home of British nuclear expert who appears on Russia Today.” The Independent ran a similar headline.

Obviously, this raid was planned well beforehand, and the alleged argument was nothing more than an excuse to get inside the home and frame Busby—not for posing a risk to the public, or building explosives, but because he criticized the government, not on Facebook or his own website, but on RT, which is licensed by the Russian government and is falsely and absurdly accused of working with Vladimir Putin to flip an election in the United States.

The raid and arrest send a strong message: criticism of the state, especially in regard to the Skripals, will not be tolerated.


— North Carolina and Virgina: two nuclear power stations in landfall path of Hurricane Florence

From Beyond Nuclear
September 13, 2018

Two nuclear power stations in landfall path of Hurricane Florence          
The Union of Concerned Scientists is warning that two potentially vulnerable coastal nuclear power stations at  Brunswick Units 1 and 2 in South Port, NC andSurry Units 1 and 2 in Rushmore, VA are in the direct path of Hurricane Florence.  Of concern, UCS reports that the operators of both Brunswick, two GE Mark I boiling water reactors and Surry, two Westinghouse pressurized water reactors, have not publicly documented that they successfully completed flood protection upgrades required by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in the aftermath of Japan’s March 2011 Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.  The Brunswick units are nearly identical in design and construction to the Fukushima units that were destroyed in explosions and meltdowns resulting from the prolonged loss of electrical power caused by a massive earthquake and tsunami.  A storm surge of 9 to 13 feet is anticipated at the location of the Brunswick units simultaneous to the prolonged flooding from inundating rain. Hurricane force winds are expected to knock out the electrical grid servicing the nuclear power stations’ safety systems, placing the reactors on emergency power.
Union of Concerned Scientists: