An Invisible Attack on the Human Race

Interview with Dr. Christopher Busby, 6 minutes
Interview starts at 2:41

Dr. Busby discusses radiation causing infertility, genetic mutations, deformities, genetic instability, congenital malformations

Dr. Busby is Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk and member of UK Department of Health Committee Examining Radiation Risk for Internal Emitters (CERRIE)

Excerpts, transcribed by Mack (1)

“I should say something about Fukushima and also Chernobyl and infertility.

The truth is that infertility has been increasing in the world for the last 30 or 40 years probably because of all the radionuclides that people are exposed to originally from the weapons fallout, global atmospheric testing, and then from Chernobyl and now from Fukushima…

The main thing is to get away from the radiation because what they have to realize is this is an invisible attack on the human race. It’s something that will appear over the next 20 30 40 years and its cause will not really be investigated.”

“…Once you irradiate these creatures and also human beings… you initiate a process called genomic instability, and then this is like throwing the switch, and what it does is it increases the genetic mutation rates, quite apart from any mutation that the radiation causes, that’s a separate thing, this is like an automatic switch that is thrown at quite low doses, and then you pass this switch onto your children and they pass it onto their children and so on.” In a study of bank voles, “they found that TWENTY-TWO generations have still got this switch.”

“I’ve studied the nuclear test veterans…men who worked for the British army at the nuclear tests in the Pacific in the 60’s, and I’ve studied their children and their grandchildren. What we found is that the children of these test veterans… have about a 9-FOLD EXCESS of congenital malformations, but the extraordinary thing it the grandchildren also have an 8-fold excess of congenital malformations, so the normal genetic idea that you pick off the weak and then it goes down and then you get the strong…this is the nuclear old idea–nuclear war–we just have radiation resistant people survive is just is not true.

What happens is it just throws a big switch and everybody is affected, and you’re affected for generations and generations, so it doesn’t even matter if these radionuclides all decay because you’ve imprinted something on the human genome which is there forever. That’s the danger.”