Record number of sick sea lions and seals in California; many dead pups covered in abscesses and pus

Posted on ENE News, April 20, 2014 —

CBS San Francisco: Record number of sick seals & sea lions — Doctor: A lot with “large pockets of green and yellow puss all over their body” (VIDEOS)

CBS San Francisco, Apr. 16, 2014:
Marine Mammal Center Says More Animals In Need Than Ever Before

[…]  Walking among the pens of California sea lions, elephant seals and harbor seals, Marine Mammal Center spokeswoman Laura Sherr said they expect to have 200 mammals by the end of the week, which will be a per-day record.

CBS Video Title: A record number of seals and sea lions have become sick and are being treated at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito
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KCBS Radio, Apr. 16, 2014 —
Marine Mammal Center spokeswoman Laura Sherr:

“Right now we have in hand, live animals, 194.”
[…] The previous per day record for patients at the facility was 179.
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USC Impact, Kaysie Ellingson, Mar. 27, 2014:
An environmental problem threatens the lives of sea lions on the California coast

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Rescue and rehabilitation wasn’t the [California Wildlife Center’s] only responsibility. Much of their work dealt with the pups that had died.
Duane Tom, veterinarian at the California Wildlife Center: “We were doing a lot of necropsy for them. We found a lot with abscesses — there were just large pockets of green and yellow puss all over their body — whether it’s in their lungs, in their liver. It looks like they got sick systemically.”
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