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In 2014, a few people conducted an experiment to see if their focused intention could lower the radiation level of a known source. A 5 minute timed reading of the radiation levels was done before and after. The participants spent 5 minutes of attention on that object. The result was that there was a significant drop in the radiation level. This is the type of experiment that can be done anywhere, including beside the ocean. Could large groups of people have an impact on the contamination of rivers, drinking water sources, and the ocean?

Magical Child, by Joseph Chilton Pearce – particularly Chap. 16 and 17. In chapter 2, “Matrix Shifts” he says:

Our 3-billion-year heritage is truly magnificent; the promise given to us is infinite in scope. But this biological plan must be nurtured…We knew about this plan when we were around six years old and a great excitement, longing, and joyful anticipation filled us. Something else happened, of course; and even as it happened, we knew intuitively that it was all wrong. This primary knowing got covered up by anxiety conditioning, which was so deep and pervasive, so ingrained, and so continually reinforced and amplified on every hand that the deep knowing has been lost to us. The intent of this book is to uncover this knowing in you and to verify and reassure your knowing. We must rekindle our knowing of a personal power that can flower with the power of all things and never be exhausted. We must rekindle a faith in a life system that is our matrix and designed to support us.

The Lost Language of Plants — The Ecological Importance of Plant Medicines to Life on Earth, by Stephen Harrod Buhner. Excerpts:

It is deeply ironic that one of the most powerful antibiotics Alexander Fleming ever discovered is in human tears. P. 248

Biophilia – a genetically encoded or innate emotional affinity toward all other life-forms on Earth. Biognosis – to know life through the deeper spiritual and intuitive faculties of the mind; also the body of accumulated knowledge that comes from perceiving life in this manner. P. 53-54

Unfortunately, biophilia and  biognosis are being interrupted throughout the world, especially in Western cultures…”The Earth is not alive” – this perspective, in which both adults and children in industrialized societies are embedded throughout their lives, engenders a denigration and dismissal of children’s natural observations that nature is alive and filled with fellow beings. P. 62-63

“The idea that animals can convey meaning, and thereby  offer an attentive human being illumination, is a commonly held belief the world over. The view is disparaged and disputed only by modern cultures with an allegiance to science as the sole arbiter of truth. The price of this conceit, to my way of thinking, is enormous.” Barry Lopez, The Language of Animals P. 65

Biophilia and biognosis are natural capacities of all human beings… Sophisticated information about Earth and the interrelationship of its ecosystems and biota is available to anyone. Anyone can learn to understand the language of plants. All that is necessary is the capacity to feel, the willingness to observe in minute detail anything in nature that captures your attention, and the drive to reflect on what is felt and observed. You, yourself, can do this if you wish. If you so choose, you join a nation unbounded by time or geography whose citizens you may meet in any circumstance, a nation whose citizens are interwoven within the life web of the Earth and whose work is fostering that life and its intelligence. P. 248

Masaru Emoto has written extensively on the healing aspects of water and how our intentions and words have direct impact on water, and how we can decontaminate and enhance water.

Anastasia and Ringing Cedars of Russia series, by Vladimir Megre, created a unique ecology movement in Russia and internationally. The books cover the importance of ancient practices in food growing, breast feeding, and child-raising, and even touch on topics such as telepathy and teleportation. Chapter 21 excerpt:

Everything – absolutely everything: a little blade of grass, a big tree, even the bugs – they all react to any change in the rhythm of my heart. The trees accelerate their inner processes, and work harder to produce oxygen…(but) in your world they do not understand to whom they should react, and you do not try to make contact with them. Besides, you do not understand the purpose of such contact, and do not give them sufficient information about yourself.

Soul on Fire – A Transformational Journey from Priest to Shaman, by Peter Calhoun Chapter 6, Spiritual Intervention excerpts:

A sacred ceremony or ritual for the earth performed by a few people with pure intent has enormous power to tip the scales.

We can no longer continue working on the physical level alone to heal and to protect our earth. Spiritual intervention must become a protocol in the years ahead.

Take the conflict to a higher level. In other words, the energies of rituals and ceremonies expressing focused intent and prayers, love for Gaia, and a passion for the nature kingdoms can override and transform existing situations that have become stuck or are in the process of deterioration.

My advice is not just to accept my personal testimony, but for groups to try this out for themselves. The approach of spiritual intervention will revolutionize and empower the struggling environmental movement and help our world avert some worst-case scenarios.

Spiritual intervention can be just as powerful a tool for healing the land as it can be for its protection.

With the mounting environmental crisis, I’m certain that if we are to survive the years ahead we must stop viewing these problems in a linear left-brain manner. The spiritual procedures that I’m recommending for healing the earth are not based on some kind of “airy-fairy” idealism but upon certain, yet little known, natural laws.

People have difficulty believing me when I tell them that there are forces that do not want  you to access this power and knowledge. These forces are very organized and have a great deal of control over what is presented in the media and taught in academia. They seek to discredit any information about spiritual and natural  laws that comes out or use disinformation as a weapon to create confusion and keep us powerless and in ignorance.

Researcher Rupert Sheldrake writes about innate knowing and knowledge across distance.


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