Forest fires heading for Chernobyl nuclear plant; expert warns of re-release of radiation into atmosphere

This is occurring almost exactly on the anniversary of the original disaster.

From RT April 28, 2015

Video 2:52:

The Ukrainian National Guard has been put on high alert due to worsening forest fires around the crippled Chernobyl nuclear power plant, according to Ukraine Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.

“The forest fire situation around the Chernobyl power plant has worsened,” a statement on Avakov’s Facebook page says.

“The forest fire is heading in the direction of Chernobyl’s installations. Treetop flames and strong gusts of wind have created a real danger of the fire spreading to an area within 20 kilometers of the power plant. There are about 400 hectares [988 acres] of forests in the endangered area.”

Police and National Guard units are on high alert. Ukraine’s Prime Minister personally went to the affected area to oversee the firefighting. He says the situation is under control, “but this is the biggest fire since 1992.”

However, in comments to Russia’s Moscow Speaks radio, a representative of Greenpeace Russia said that the situation is much worse: “A very large, catastrophic forest fire is taking place in a 30-km zone around the Chernobyl power plant. We estimate the real area of the fire to be 10,000 hectares; this is based on satellite images. This hasn’t been officially acknowledged yet.”

The potential danger in this fire comes from the radioactive contaminants the burning plants have absorbed, ecologist Christopher Busby told RT. “Some of the materials that were contaminating that area would have been incorporated into the woods. In other words, they land on the ground in 1986 and they get absorbed into the trees and all the biosphere. And when it burns, they just become re-suspended. It’s like Chernobyl all over again. All of that material that fell on the ground will now be burned up into the air and will become available for people to breathe.” Christopher Busby is the scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risks.

Ecologist Dmitry Shevchenko from the Environmental Watch on North Caucasus says it is difficult to predict where exactly the contaminants will go: “We don’t have a real-time monitoring system for the Chernobyl area. We can hypothesize whether the radionuclides will go here or there, but there is no-one who can reliably predict the situation.”

Ukrainian emergency services say 182 people and 34 vehicles have been dispatched to fight the fire. A Mi-8 helicopter and three An-32 water dropping airplanes are also working at the scene. The efforts are being coordinated from a mobile emergency headquarters.

According to the head of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone management department, radiation levels in the area remain normal. “The area on fire is relatively clean,” Vasily Zolotoverkh told the newspaper He said the fire started at lunchtime, when emergency workers had finished putting out an earlier blaze which started during the night. The emergency services have stated that it could have been caused by a lit cigarette.

Ukraine’s acting head of emergency services said earlier the forest fires were not a threat to the sarcophagus sealing off Chernobyl’s crippled Reactor 4.

Chernobyl and the surrounding area have been abandoned and remain off-limits following the April 1986 disaster, when an explosion and fire released massive amounts of radioactive material into the atmosphere. Increased radiation levels were detected throughout Europe.

Chernobyl became the worst nuclear disaster in world history in terms of casualties and clean-up costs. Reactor 4, where the blast took place, was sealed off in a giant reinforced concrete sarcophagus to prevent further leaks.


5 reasons why the Chernobyl disaster got so out of control

From Sputnik News, April 26, 2015

On the 29th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in what was then the Ukrainian SSR, Vladimir Bronnikov, who headed the original containment operation at the plant, told RIA Novosti Ukraine why the accident became such an enormous disaster.

1. The Plant Lacked a Safety Culture

There is still no single theory to why the Chernobyl disaster happened which nuclear experts agree upon. According to Bronnikov, the accident was due to an error by the plant’s control room to turn off the power unit when the accident occurred.

“The idea of the experiments was to see what happens when there is a blackout and the energy system collapses.  But then there were several other accidents and the control room demanded that the power unit is kept turned on, as they tried to take it out of the iodine pit at any cost,” Bronnikov said.

According to Bronnikov, the plant’s construction also contributed to the accident in that the developers did not provide information of what to do during an accident to the operators.

“When we realized what happened and, so to say, cornered the designer, he said, ‘Yes we generally guessed and understood, we were getting ready but didn’t have time to analyze and calculate it to the end.'”

2. Rescue Workers and Experts Did Not Know How Bad It Really Was

The first people to arrive at the accident site were firemen. They tried to extinguish the fire with no protection other than their helmets and tarpaulin uniforms.

“I only realized the scale of what happened the following night, when some of the personnel got home from the plant and told me what happened. I didn’t believe them and thought they were lying. The next morning I began my job as the station’s chief engineer. It took my group about five days to realize the scale of what happened,” Bronnikov said.

Within hours it turned out that accident was no ordinary fire. By the morning, the firemen began to faint from radiation sickness. 136 plant employees and rescue workers got an enormous dose of radiation and 28 of them died within months of the accident.

3. No One Was Prepared for Evacuation…

The Soviet government kept silent on the accident. The first mention of the disaster in the media was on a local radio station in Pripyat 36 hours after the accident. The station’s announcer told residents to pack up for a temporary evacuation.

The city was evacuated quietly the following day. People were told that they would be leaving for one or two days, and to not take personal belongings with them so as not to overburden the buses evacuating them.

On April 28, two days after the disaster, a message went out on the TASS newswire: “An accident occurred at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. One of the reactors is damaged. Measures are being taken to eliminate consequences. Necessary aid has been administered to victims. A government commission to investigate the event has been created.”

Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev only admitted that a disaster had occurred when it was impossible to hide. A nuclear power plant in Sweden detected elevated radiation levels, which they traced to Ukraine. Swedish and American experts initially thought that a nuclear war had begun, but measuring the radioactive spectrum showed that the radiation was from a power plant.

4….Or How to Deal With the Disaster

For the first few days, the liquidation efforts at the plant were intended to reduce radioactive emissions and cool down the reactor. There were fears that the heat from the nuclear fuel would cause a meltdown of the reactor and another massive radioactive emission.

“As a result of the accident, the remains of the active zone melted, a mix of melted metal, sand, concrete and fuel fragments flowed into facilities under the reactor, but it did not come out of the reactor. It just settled on the bottom and stayed there. We were afraid it would go through the foundation, as calculations showed,” Bronnikov said.

Helicopters were used to extinguish the flame. They dumped sand and clay on the reactor, as well as fire retardant chemicals that would also prevent a chain reaction. At the time, no one knew that this only made the reactor hotter, and the fire was not extinguished until May 9.

Despite mistakes that were made, Bronnikov says that the people who took part in the liquidation were very professional and had to make momentous decisions.

“If it wasn’t for the personnel understanding their responsibility and the problems before them, the consequences would be unknown. The personnel acted very fittingly. The professional workers did not panic.”

5. And No One Knows What to Do About it Even Now

Chernobyl, the city of Pripyat
Pripyat after disaster

The 30-kilometer exclusion zone around the accident site was eventually expanded to include neighboring Belarus where 20 percent of the country’s land area was contaminated. In Ukraine, contamination affected 50,000 square kilometers of land across 12 regions. Hundreds of villages were relocated and around 5 million hectares of agricultural land was deemed contaminated.

As many 4,000 people were killed by the disaster or are continuing to die, mostly due to cancers, according to the World Health Organization. Greenpeace says that as many as 10 million people were affected by the radiation.

Today, a second sarcophagus is being built to contain the radiation still being emitted by the reactor. The original casing built in 1986 is crumbling due to age.

Funding shortfalls due to overshooting costs threaten the project and funding is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. The Ukrainian government’s dire economic situation is adding to the problem and the project may be frozen if it does not obtain adequate funding.

NOAA threatens to remove endangered species status from humpback whales — 90-day comment period

Threats to whales, sea life, and the oceans include:

  • The U.S. military is ramping up electromagnetic weapons and explosives testing in the oceans, with sonar buoys deployed along the West Coast.
  • Hazardous pesticides and fertilizers from agriculture, toxic industrial runoff, raw sewage continue dumping into the oceans
  • Fukushima pours greater amounts of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean, with impacts through the Bering Strait to the Atlantic.
  • Europe continues dumping nuclear waste into the Atlantic
  • Dead zones are increasing across the globe.

Yet, the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration – NOAA – plans to reduce or eliminate protection to humpback whales.

NOAA spins this as a victory of conservation efforts and increased population levels for the species. Yet, this proposal would reduce or remove current levels of protection at a time when the oceans are in great jeopardy and the Pacific Ocean is dying.

Dead whales are already washing up along the West Coast. NOAA disregards the research on Fukushima and has refused to test the radiation in the ocean or in sea life.

The scientific basis of NOAA’s proposal is non-existent. NOAA is not about protecting the environment.

The real reason NOAA wants to do this is to cater to industry and the military which want less oversight over their already abusive and environmentally destructive activities.

The comment period is only 90 days.

Alert everyone you know who cares about the earth, especially the children. We can make a difference and stop this harmful proposal.

Here is the link to NOAA’s spin article

The proposal information from NOAA’s website:

You may submit comments, information, or data on this document, identified by the code NOAA-NMFS-2015-0035, by any of the following methods:

Electronic Submissions : Submit all electronic comments via the Federal eRulemaking Portal. Go to!docketDetail;D=NOAA-NMFS-2015-0035 , click the “Comment Now!” icon, complete the required fields, and enter or attach your comments.

Mail: Submit written comments to Office of Protected Resources, NMFS, 1315 East-West Highway, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

For general information on humpback whales, go to:

To read the proposal’s Federal Register notice, go to:


Der Große Hadronen-Speicherring (LHC) – ultimative Massenvernichtungswaffe

English original:

Warum das LHC abgeschaltet werden muss

Von Nina Beety, 10 April 2015

Englisches Original auf 


Was hätten Sie getan um Katastrophen zu stoppen, wenn Sie im Voraus gewusst hätten, was Sie jetzt wissen?

Jeder Mensch hat die Möglichkeit und die Pflicht, Maßnahmen zu ergreifen, wenn eine Person oder eine Gruppe die Gesundheit und die Sicherheit unserer Gemeinschaften und unserer Welt bedroht, oder wenn unsere Regierungen und Führer Schaden erzeugen.

Wir haben die moralische Verpflichtung auf jede mögliche Weise zu handeln.

Die Zukunft liegt in unseren Händen. Es steht mehr auf dem Spiel als je zuvor. Der Große Hadronen-Speicherring (Large Hadron Collider, auf englisch) ist ein gefährliches Instrument von Männern und Frauen benutzt, die ultimatives Wissen und Macht anstreben. Das Start-up 5. April hat einen rücksichtslosen Einsatz von LHC Fähigkeiten ausgelöst, die alles Leben einschließlich unseres Universums gefährden.

Dies ist die Situation.

Der Große Hadronen-Speicherring – das Grundprinzip

Der weltweit größte Teilchenbeschleuniger ist an der Europäischen Organisation für Kernforschung (CERN) in einem 27 Kilometer langen Tunnel in einem riesigen Kreis gebaut, 100 Meter unter der Erde vergraben. Es ist unter der Französisch-Schweizer Grenze bei Genf. Gesamtkosten: über 9 Milliarden $ (Stand: Januar 2010). Es wird von den europäischen Regierungen und mit 542.000.000 $ von den USA finanziert. Der Große Hadronen-Speicherring (LHC) wurde am 5. April nach einer zweijährigen Abschaltung und einem $ 150.000.000 Upgrade neu gestartet .

Im Inneren des LHC werden zwei Protonenstrahlen gezwungen bei hoher Geschwindigkeit in einander einzuschlagen. Das ursprüngliche Ziel war es, das so genannten “Gott” Partikel zu erstellen – Higgs-Boson – was im Jahr 2012 erreicht wurde. Jetzt hoffen sie, den Big Bang nachzubilden, die dunkle Materie zu entdecken, andere Dimensionen aufzudecken, und mehr. Um dies zu erreichen, verdoppeln Wissenschaftler die Energie fast, so dass die beiden Strahlen der Partikel viel stärker aufeinanderprallen.

“… Über $ 9000000000 Kathedrale der Wissenschaft, die anscheinend in jedem praktischen Sinn, nutzlos ist… So viele Jahre, so viel Mühe, so viel Geld und Material, so viel Energie und Spitzeneinfallsreichtum . Und doch sind die Zauberer am Steuer nicht wirklich darauf aus, etwas Praktisches zu produzieren, oder dringende Probleme der Menschheit zu lösen … ”

“… Die Physiker am CERN haben ihre großzügigen Gönner in Regierungen auf der ganzen Welt.

… L.H.C. ist eine Kathedrale des 21. Jahrhunderts der Wissenschaft, in der Tausende von leidenschaftlich gewidmeten, fleißigen Physikern – Mönche bei einem anderen Namen – sich versammelt haben, um Erleuchtung und Offenbarung zu erleben und Genesis 2.0 weiter zu schreiben …. ” [1]

Genesis 2.0 ist wahr. Der Rest sind Tünche und Lügen.

Dies ist das größte und aufwendigste wissenschaftliche Unternehmen das je gebaut wurde. Regierungen investieren nicht Milliarden und enorme Mengen an Zeit und Energie für “nutzlose” theoretische Projekte, es sei denn es gibt einen sehr praktischen Grund, eine sehr spezifische nützliche Absicht und Ziel.

“Das Ziel … ist ein tieferes, besseres, wahreres Verständnis der grundlegenden Struktur und Natur der Existenz zu erreichen.“ [2]

Die Projektziele waren immer klar, die ganze Zeit, auch Higgs-Boson das “Gott” Teilchen und ein Experiment Genesis 2.0 zu nennen. Der Große Hadronen-Speicherring ist über das Erstellen von Leben und Steuerung der Realitäten.

Die Associated Press berichtete am 6. April, dass die Dunkle Materie am CERN, an der Internationalen Raumstation, und in einer ungenannten Untergrundmine, erforscht wird. Da scheint eilig zu sein die Dunkle Materie zu fangen, was andeutet dass es sehr wichtig ist.

Zu gewinnen hoffen die Regierungen

  • etwas, was monetisiert und an uns verkauft werden kann, um Geld zu machen für die bereits Reichen und Mächtigen
  • Macht und Kontrolle – in der Lage zu sein Urkräfte zu kontrollieren und diese Kräfte nach Belieben zu entfesseln
  • Waffen, einschließlich Massenvernichtungswaffen, die mit Präzision Vermögenswerte
  • Ressourcen, Eigentum, Immobilien, Grundstücke vernichten können – neues Leben, neue Planeten, neue Universen schaffen, und die mit Vermögenswerten und Grundstücken abzuräumen und zu plündern, Welten zu erobern, zu besitzen, zu beherrschen, zu versklaven, und auch, um dort nach dem Untergang der Erde zu entkommen

Die Geschichte zeigt, dass dies nur für den privaten und staatlichen Nutzen sein wird.

Als ein LHC Sponsor sind die Vereinigten Staaten für mehr Tod, Zerstörung und dauerhafte Umweltschäden verantwortlich als jedes andere Land auf der Erde. Ihre Ziele sind “Command and Control” (Betriebsablaufsteuerung) und “Full Spectrum Dominance” (vollständige Dominanz). Das ist, wie die USA erworbene Technologien und Erkenntnisse nutzt. Was machen die anderen Sponsoren?

Alarmglocken sollten überall läuten.

Können Wissenschaftler vertraut werden?

Der populäre Mythos ist, dass Wissenschaft und Wissenschaftler objektiv und neutral sind, aber die Wissenschaft ist aufs Schärfste kompetitive, sogar halsabschneiderisch. “Wissenschaft” ist oft nicht ein Streben nach Wahrheit, sondern ein Streben der Erste zu sein, um die größten Zuschüsse zu gewinnen, um die besten Vortragseinladungen und Auszeichnungen zu erhalten.

Viele Wissenschaftler und ihre Berufsverbände klammern sich an Überzeugungen aus “Konsensus” trotz der Gegenbeweise. Neue evidenzbasierte Theorien werden hart bekämpft, als ob sie plündernde Piraten wären. Eifersüchtig auf ihren Rang, Privilegien, Laboratorien , Auszeichnungen, Leistungen, und Titel, Männer und Frauen der Wissenschaft können sich dazu herablassen trivial und sogar kriminell zu handeln um ihre Macht und Position zu behalten. Zu sehen wie ein Kollege versagt kann ein Grund zum Feiern sein.

Die Finanzierung kommt in der Regel von der Bundesregierung oder der Industrie. Selten geht es um “reine” Wissenschaft. Es gibt Ziele. Das Gemeinwohl ist weit unten auf der Liste der Erwägungen. Mit der Regierung, wird die Wissenschaft eine Erweiterung, wie bei LHC, nationale militärische und sicherheitspolitische Ziele voranzubringen. Wenn Wissenschaftler außerhalb akzeptierter Studienthemen streunen, oder Informationen finden die unbequem für Sponsoren sind, können sie bestraft werden, manchmal schwer. “Publish or perish” (“veröffentliche oder gehe unter”) bedeutet dort hin zu gehenwo die Finanzierung ist, und Kontroversen fern bleiben. “Überlassen wir es den Wissenschaftlern” ist keine gute Idee.

LHC Bau- und Betriebsrisiken

Die Realität des Lebens ist, dass die Erde und das Universum eingenistete, miteinander verbundene, intime Ökosysteme sind. Was an einem Ort passiert hat Auswirkungen auf Alles, weil Alles miteinander vereint ist.  Continue reading

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – ultimate weapon of mass destruction

By Nina Beety
Posted on Global Research, April 10, 2015

Why the LHC must be shut down

What would you have done to stop catastrophic events if you knew in advance what you know now?

We have the moral obligation to take action.

The future is in our hands. The stakes are the highest they have ever been. The Large Hadron Collider developed by the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) is a dangerous instrument. The start-up April 5 has initiated a more reckless use of LHC’s capabilities. 

This is the situation.

The Large Hadron Collider – the rationale

The world’s largest supercollider is located at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) in a 17-mile-long tunnel built in a giant circle, buried 330 feet underground. It is beneath the French-Swiss border near Geneva. Total cost: over $9 billion (as of January 2010). It’s been funded by European governments and $542 million from the United States. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was restarted April 5, after a two-year shutdown and a $150 million upgrade.

Inside the LHC, two beams of protons are forced to smash into each other at high speed. The initial goal was to create the so-called “God” particle – Higgs boson — achieved in 2012. Now they hope to recreate the Big Bang, discover dark matter, expose other dimensions and more. To do that, scientists are nearly doubling the power level so the two beams of particles will collide much more violently.

“…Over $9 billion cathedral of science that is apparently, in any practical sense, useless… So many years, so much effort, so much money and material, so much energy and cutting-edge ingenuity. And yet the wizards at the controls aren’t really out to produce anything practical, or solve any urgent human problem…”

“…The physicists at cern have their generous patrons in governments all over the world.

… L.H.C. is a 21st-century cathedral of science, where thousands of passionately devoted, hardworking physicists—monks by any other name—have gathered to experience epiphany and revelation, and continue writing Genesis 2.0….”[1]

Genesis 2.0 is true. The rest are whitewash and lies.

This is the largest and most elaborate scientific enterprise ever built. Governments don’t invest billions and tremendous amounts of time and energy in “useless” theoretical projects unless there’s a very practical reason, a very specific useful intention and goal.

“The goal…is to achieve a deeper, better, truer understanding of the fundamental structure and nature of existence.[2]

The project objectives have been clear all along, including calling Higgs boson the “God” particle and calling one experiment Genesis 2.0. The Large Hadron Collider is about creating life and controlling realities.

The Associated Press reported on April 6 that dark matter is being pursued at CERN, at the international space station, and in an undisclosed underground mine. There seems to be a rush to capture dark matter, implying it is very important.

Governments hope to gain

1)              something that can be monetized and sold to us, making money for the already wealthy and powerful

2)              power and control — being able to control primal forces and unleash those forces at will

3)              weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, that can annihilate with precision

4)              assets, resources, property, real estate, land — creating new life, new planets, new universes, with assets and property to strip and plunder, worlds to conquer, own, rule,  enslave, as well as to escape to after Earth’s demise

History shows that this will be for private and government benefit only.

An LHC sponsor, the United States itself is responsible for more death, destruction, and permanent environmental damage than any other country on Earth. Its objectives are “command and control” and “full spectrum dominance”. That’s how the U.S. uses technologies and knowledge gained. What about the other sponsors?

Alarm bells should be going off everywhere.

Can scientists be trusted?

The popular myth is that science and scientists are objective and neutral, but science is fiercely competitive, even cutthroat. “Science” is often not a pursuit of truth, but a pursuit to be first, to win the biggest grants, to get the best speaking invitations and honors.

Many scientists and their professional organizations cling to “consensus” beliefs in the face of contrary evidence. New evidence-based theories are fought off as fiercely as if they were marauding pirates. Jealous of their rank, privileges, lab space, accolades, benefits, and titles, men and women of science can stoop to petty and even criminal acts to retain their power and position. Watching a colleague fail can be a cause for celebration.

Funding usually comes from the federal government or from industry. Rarely is this about “pure” science. There are objectives. The public welfare is far down the list as a consideration. With the government, science becomes an extension, just as with LHC, to advance national military and security objectives. If scientists stray outside accepted study subjects or find information inconvenient to the sponsors, they can be penalized, sometimes severely. “Publish or perish” means going where the funding is, and staying away from controversy. “Let’s leave it to the scientists” is not a good idea.

LHC construction and operating hazards

The reality of life is that the Earth and the universe are nesting, interconnected, intimate ecosystems. What happens in one place effects everything, because everything is unified together.

First, here are some facts and questions about the Large Hadron Collider regarding its construction:

Continue reading