Flyer from Fukushima Response

FES Flower Essences    800-548-0075

Uses include taking directly, adding to water, and putting into water for plants and animals. Available in dropper or spray 1 oz bottles and dropper ¼ oz bottles. Especially:

Yarrow Environmental Solution
Post-Trauma Stabilizer
Five Flower Formula

Many other individual essences and combined formulas are available.

Yarrow and Echinacea are components of Yarrow Environmental Solution. These plants can be planted to assist the earth.

Plants are healers and friends. Below are a few books on the intelligence, sentience, and relational abilities of plants and trees. Your intuition will lead you to the plants you can partner with to heal the earth. Before you purchase plants, make sure they are not genetically-modified.

The  Secret Life of Plants by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird

The Lost Language of Plants by Stephen Buhner

Seeds of Change – organic, non-GMO seeds and plants

Magical Child, by Joseph Chilton Pearce – including Chap. 16 and 17

Books by Masaru Emoto:
The Hidden Message in Water
The True Power of Water
The Secret Life of Water

Anastasia and Ringing Cedars of Russia series, by Vladimir Megre

Soul on Fire, by Peter Calhoun

Gaia Girls — Way of Water, by Lee Welles
A story for age 9 and up.


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