Fukushima radiation is killing children

Interview with Katsutaka Idogawa, former mayor of Futaba, Fukushima Prefecture, April 21, 2014:
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• Katsutaka Idogawa, former mayor of Futaba in Fukushima Prefecture:
There are still about 2 million people living in the prefecture, who have all sorts of medical issues. The authorities claim this has nothing to do with the radiation fallout from Fukushima. I demanded that the authorities substantiate their claim in writing, but they ignored my request. There are some terrible things going on in Fukushima. […] The biggest problem is that there is no one to help us. […] I talked to local authorities in different places in Fukushima, but no one would listen to me. They believe what the government says, while in reality radiation is still there — and it is killing children. They are dying of heart conditions, asthma, leukemia, thyroid complications. Lots of kids are extremely exhausted after school, others are simply unable to attend PE classes. But the authorities are still hiding the truth from us, and I don’t know why. Don’t they have children of their own? It hurts so much to know they can’t protect our children.

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• Sophie Shevardnadze, host:
The United Nations report on the radiation fallout from Fukushima says no radiation-related deaths or acute diseases have been observed among the workers and the general public exposed. So it’s not that dangerous after all? Or is there not enough information available to make proper assessments?

• Idogawa:
This report is completely false. The report was made by a representative of Japan – Professor Hayano. Representing Japan, he lied to the whole world from the UN podium. When I was mayor, I knew many people who died from heart attacks, and then there were many people in Fukushima who died suddenly, even among young people. It’s a real shame that the authorities hide the truth from the whole world, from the UN. We need to admit that actually many people are dying, we are not allowed to say that, but TEPCO employees also are dying. But everyone is keeping mum about it.

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Former Official: Fukushima radiation is killing children… heart problems, leukemia, thyroid — Terrible things are going on — Authorities hiding truth from world — We need to admit many people are dying, but we’re not allowed to say that (VIDEO)