The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) – ultimate weapon of mass destruction

By Nina Beety
Posted on Global Research, April 10, 2015

Why the LHC must be shut down

What would you have done to stop catastrophic events if you knew in advance what you know now?

We have the moral obligation to take action.

The future is in our hands. The stakes are the highest they have ever been. The Large Hadron Collider developed by the European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) is a dangerous instrument. The start-up April 5 has initiated a more reckless use of LHC’s capabilities. 

This is the situation.

The Large Hadron Collider – the rationale

The world’s largest supercollider is located at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) in a 17-mile-long tunnel built in a giant circle, buried 330 feet underground. It is beneath the French-Swiss border near Geneva. Total cost: over $9 billion (as of January 2010). It’s been funded by European governments and $542 million from the United States. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was restarted April 5, after a two-year shutdown and a $150 million upgrade.

Inside the LHC, two beams of protons are forced to smash into each other at high speed. The initial goal was to create the so-called “God” particle – Higgs boson — achieved in 2012. Now they hope to recreate the Big Bang, discover dark matter, expose other dimensions and more. To do that, scientists are nearly doubling the power level so the two beams of particles will collide much more violently.

“…Over $9 billion cathedral of science that is apparently, in any practical sense, useless… So many years, so much effort, so much money and material, so much energy and cutting-edge ingenuity. And yet the wizards at the controls aren’t really out to produce anything practical, or solve any urgent human problem…”

“…The physicists at cern have their generous patrons in governments all over the world.

… L.H.C. is a 21st-century cathedral of science, where thousands of passionately devoted, hardworking physicists—monks by any other name—have gathered to experience epiphany and revelation, and continue writing Genesis 2.0….”[1]

Genesis 2.0 is true. The rest are whitewash and lies.

This is the largest and most elaborate scientific enterprise ever built. Governments don’t invest billions and tremendous amounts of time and energy in “useless” theoretical projects unless there’s a very practical reason, a very specific useful intention and goal.

“The goal…is to achieve a deeper, better, truer understanding of the fundamental structure and nature of existence.[2]

The project objectives have been clear all along, including calling Higgs boson the “God” particle and calling one experiment Genesis 2.0. The Large Hadron Collider is about creating life and controlling realities.

The Associated Press reported on April 6 that dark matter is being pursued at CERN, at the international space station, and in an undisclosed underground mine. There seems to be a rush to capture dark matter, implying it is very important.

Governments hope to gain

1)              something that can be monetized and sold to us, making money for the already wealthy and powerful

2)              power and control — being able to control primal forces and unleash those forces at will

3)              weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, that can annihilate with precision

4)              assets, resources, property, real estate, land — creating new life, new planets, new universes, with assets and property to strip and plunder, worlds to conquer, own, rule,  enslave, as well as to escape to after Earth’s demise

History shows that this will be for private and government benefit only.

An LHC sponsor, the United States itself is responsible for more death, destruction, and permanent environmental damage than any other country on Earth. Its objectives are “command and control” and “full spectrum dominance”. That’s how the U.S. uses technologies and knowledge gained. What about the other sponsors?

Alarm bells should be going off everywhere.

Can scientists be trusted?

The popular myth is that science and scientists are objective and neutral, but science is fiercely competitive, even cutthroat. “Science” is often not a pursuit of truth, but a pursuit to be first, to win the biggest grants, to get the best speaking invitations and honors.

Many scientists and their professional organizations cling to “consensus” beliefs in the face of contrary evidence. New evidence-based theories are fought off as fiercely as if they were marauding pirates. Jealous of their rank, privileges, lab space, accolades, benefits, and titles, men and women of science can stoop to petty and even criminal acts to retain their power and position. Watching a colleague fail can be a cause for celebration.

Funding usually comes from the federal government or from industry. Rarely is this about “pure” science. There are objectives. The public welfare is far down the list as a consideration. With the government, science becomes an extension, just as with LHC, to advance national military and security objectives. If scientists stray outside accepted study subjects or find information inconvenient to the sponsors, they can be penalized, sometimes severely. “Publish or perish” means going where the funding is, and staying away from controversy. “Let’s leave it to the scientists” is not a good idea.

LHC construction and operating hazards

The reality of life is that the Earth and the universe are nesting, interconnected, intimate ecosystems. What happens in one place effects everything, because everything is unified together.

First, here are some facts and questions about the Large Hadron Collider regarding its construction:

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