— Washington State alert: Two ballot initiatives need signatures to shut down Columbia Nuclear Power Generating Station

Washington State has a nuke plant. And it’s not Hanford. It’s the Columbia Generating Station.

These ballot initiatives aim to shut that plant down. Send this info to those you know in Washington State. 

The docs below are a great model for other states.

From RadCast

Hey folks. RadCast and No Nukes NW  have been working hard on getting these 2 initiatives ready to hit the streets of WA and get into WA Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, businesses, peace groups, schools, stores, you name it, and we are finally ready to roll.
 You will most likely have to print them at Kinkos as they are an odd size but made to legal specs that WA State requires.
Here are the directions.
Print on 11×17 ONLY.
Print these as a 2 Sided paper ONLY. You may not use 2 separate sheets per each Initiative…each one has a front and back only.
Please let your friends and family members in WA State know about these Initiatives!
They can print as many as they want to and carry them wherever they go while talking to people about CGS. Folks will most likely NOT know that we have a nuke plant and confuse it with Hanford. When talking to citizens,  let them know that all of us can help shut it down w/ these Initiatives and request that they please sign both Initiatives for us. Most likely they will be disgusted when they learn we have a nuke plant and will be glad to sign. Do have them sign both.
When you are done with the signature pages, please send back to the address given on the sheet.
I am hoping that you will all take this to heart and make this happen. This is a gift for us. Be glad we have the opportunity to do this. Do not think of this as a chore. This is a way for us not only to clean up WA State and the Pacific NW but also  to protect us from the real potential of a nuclear melt-down at CGS. These Initiatives are a blessing to help get our goals met:
1.Shut Down CGS
2. Stop making more waste at CGS.
This letter can be sent to a million people. Please take part in the efforts in WA by forwarding it to groups you are affiliated with. This is not an insurmountable task. We can make this happen if we all do our part.
Peace and No Nukes NW!