— Lethal at the level of molecules and atoms

From Geoengineering Crimes


Long-lived radionuclides such as Cesium-137 are something new to us as a species. They did not exist on Earth in any appreciable quantities during the entire evolution of complex life. Although they are invisible to our senses they are millions of times more poisonous than most of the common poisons we are familiar with. They cause cancer, leukemia, genetic mutations, birth defects, malformations, and abortions at concentrations almost below human recognition and comprehension. They are lethal at the atomic or molecular level.

They emit radiation, invisible forms of matter and energy that we might compare to fire, because radiation burns and destroys human tissue. But unlike the fire of fossil fuels, the nuclear fire that issues forth from radioactive elements cannot be extinguished. It is not a fire that can be scattered or suffocated because it burns at the atomic level—it comes from the disintegration of single atoms.

— Steven Starr, Clinical Laboratory Science Program, University of Missouri
Speaking at New York Academy of Science
March 11, 2013

Article and entire presentation: https://geoengineeringcrimes.wordpress.com/2016/05/13/the-implications-of-the-massive-contamination-of-japan-with-radioactive-cesium/