Two sets of radiation data — public vs. private

Radioactive Iodine-131 USA Forecasts (to May 13)

Jul 3, 2011: During the first two months after the Fukushima disaster began, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) was providing public forecasts of possible radioactive isotope concentrations around the world that were generated by their Flexpart forecasting software. In late April, some six weeks or so after the reactor meltdowns had begun in Japan, someone following the news about the nuclear catastrophe posted a link to an obscure folder on a completely distinct server at NILU [1] where “private” radiation forecast maps were also being created. Note that the reason for referring to these obscured forecasts as private is simple: no public link or reference to the folder containing them was ever put anywhere on the NILU site.

Before looking at the images it is useful to briefly discuss the matter of “scale” relative to these kind of forecast maps. Simply changing the scale makes a significant difference to the appearance of the forecasts, with the images looking much less serious (or “threatening”) when higher scales are used for the maps. With the public (and clearly false) “forecasts” from NILU, it appears that a very high scale was used so as to greatly reduce the size and apparent intensity of the “clouds” of radioactive isotopes. Then, it appears that the new higher scale was replaced by an incorrect and 100-times (at least) reduced scale. Thus, making the appearance of “nothing to see here” that is consistent with the constant mantra that “there is no public health threat” from the radioactive fallout. Consider that people around the world would have been significantly more disturbed about the radioactive poisons spewing from Fukushima if they were to see forecast images showing 100-fold and higher levels (as seen below) of radioactive isotopes than the public “forecasts” ever showed.

Former Minister for Internal Affairs Haraguchi Kazuhiro has alleged that radiation monitoring station data was actually three decimal places greater than the numbers released to the public. If this is true, it constitutes a “national crime”
, in Nishio’s words. He follows with, “Giving us the truth once is much more important than saying ‘hang in there Japan!’ a million times.” [11]

Indeed, if the allegation by the former Minister for Internal Affairs in Japan is true, then it means that radiation data was intentionally reduced by a factor of 1,000 (three decimal places)! We will have to see if any proof of this is ever made public. In any case, there is already a mountain of evidence proving the many lies from every “official mouthpiece” relative to the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, which means that there is inherently a lot of credence to an allegation that data showing radiation levels was reduced by a factor of 1,000. Only due to the huge efforts of ordinary human beings in Japan is there any more accurate data of radiation levels than that being provided in the first couple of months by the “authorities” (that are only “authorities” when it comes to criminal irresponsibility, shown by their utter failure to fulfill one of their primary functions, which is ostensibly to protect the tax-paying public from dangers to the health caused by industrial catastrophes!).

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