Plutonium playgrounds

Comments by or-well

June 29, 2014 at 11:56 am

Plutonium Playgrounds

No, not those of nuke researchers
nor the atom bomb-making Berserkers
and I don’t mean places like Rocky Flats,
Alamogordo or Hanford’s big vats:
I mean places of outdoor play for kids
made deadly by what the insane Nukists did.
We’ve seen bags of hot rad-dirt on the side,
the shielded monitors, installed too high,
we know “decon” dumping is done “on the sly”
and we know the damn Nukists constantly lie,
denying where there’s nukes, more nuclides fly
into the air to be spread worldwide.
There’s the playgrounds in Fukushima deserted,
in all the places they evacuated,
there’s the playgrounds that sit, mostly quiet,
as the children can’t spend much time outside,
there’s the playgrounds being recontaminated
and playgrounds the safety of which is questioned
by the geiger readings of private citizens.
There’s so many places the kids should not be,
but they are, and worse;
some time, by official decree,
they’ll be sent home to hot playgrounds as Returnees.
And they want to restart their Npps.
I’m sorry if I’m making you bored.
Don’t read my next post, as I’ve said it before.

June 29, 2014 at 12:05 pm

Skipping Game

“The rain! The rain!
Run Children! Run!
Come inside quick!
There’s plutonium!”


“Onesies, Twosies, Threesies – Stop!
Kids gotta go in
when the sky’s hot!”

“Foursies, Fivesies, Sixies – Jump!
Feel ’round yer neck
in case there’s a lump!”

“Sevensies, Eightsies, Ninesies – Fall!
Out comes yer hair
so the Doctor ya call!”

“Tensies, Elevensis, Twelvesies – a dozen!
Yer Sister got Cancer,
and so did our Cousin!”


“Oh, they’ll adapt.
Kids are resilient.”

So say our Leaders,
with reasoning reptilian,
uncaring that, by their acts,
they are, in fact, killing them.

or-well, 21 january, 2012