Cherry Blossoms Will Return


Dedicated to the People of Japan

Sisters, brothers of Japan,

Hear us now as we sing

Words of comfort, words of joy:

Peace to all we bring!

You have courage, you have love,

Inner peace is at your core.

Cherry blossoms will return:

Soon Japan will be restored!

Let us follow nature’s ways:

Let us walk hand in hand.

People all around the world,

Let us help all we can!

Music by Joan Cobb

Lyrics by Joan Cobb & Yoriko Hongo

Japanese Lyrics by Yoriko Hongo

Choral Arrangement: Todd Samra

Performed by the Chancel Choir of All Saints Church, Carmel, California

“May all people of the world protect our beautiful planet

and its animals of land, sea and air!” (Joan Cobb)

© 2011 Delta Wave Press


Sheet music:  “Cherry Blossoms Will Return”