Truth and Dare

The damage is mounting.  The technologists, scientists, and government officials do not know how to save us. They do not have solutions for this crisis. They use words like “hope” and “pray” regarding the present situation.


Who will save the remaining sea creatures, the birds, the animals and insects, the people of Japan, and all of us?


It’s up to us. The greatest technology we have is our own physical, emotional, spiritual being and body. All our gadgets are crude, ridiculous, and downright useless by comparison.


In our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our cells is the most beautiful power to create, to restore, to heal. That’s why magical tales have fascinated through the ages. That is our birthright, and we know it in our heart of hearts.


Those who rule and want to control have always been afraid of our natural freedom and power, and through the years, people have been taught by authorities that natural abilities are evil, of the devil, and witchcraft. Those who exhibit special abilities or are even suspected of doing so are still killed throughout the world, including children.


These entities have also taught that the body is bad or sinful, that feelings are irrelevant, and that everyday humans really aren’t important. Many people throughout the world have disconnected from their inner knowings, embracing the idea that “experts”, technology, and mediated access, knowledge, and power are much better than directly accessing this ourselves. Schools have been created that entrain and subdue to the dominant power structure and accepted ways of thinking. New, “civilized” child-birthing and rearing practices have destroyed natural birthing and child-rearing traditions, traumatizing and injuring children worldwide, and separating them from their mothers and fathers, their communities, the earth, and their own lives.


Well, we all have a choice: to continue believing others, as our bones and teeth rot and disintegrate, as our bodies becomes riddled with cancer, as our hearts spasm and fail, as we lose our children to horrible diseases, and we watch the creatures and whole species around us sicken and die.


Or we can individually rediscover our inner compass, our inner truth, and unlock our spirit, our fire, and our power.


It’s your choice.