3 ½ weeks to solstice – powerful healing period for Fukushima

The solstice comes twice a year – in June and December. The period leading up to it and the day and time itself are sacred and powerful times.

One of the functions of the astronomical calendars in ancient times was to chart special days appropriate for certain activities, and to engage in alignment and healing activities for self, community, and the earth. These activities could involve ceremony, singing, prayers, toning, chanting, dance, burning sage and other sacred medicinals, resolutions, reconciliation, physical and spiritual healing, making offerings, and having celebrations and feasts.

This is an important resource to bring powerful transformation, healing, and restoration to Japan, to the ocean, to the air, to the entire Earth, and to all the people and creatures of the Earth from this horrible worsening disaster.

The solstice occurs on June 21-22, depending on time zone. It is Sunday, June 21, 4:39 PM UTC/GMT.

To find your time zone, http://www.timeanddate.com/calendar/june-solstice.html

Look under “Local times for June Solstice 2015 worldwide”
Verify the times listed below.

Sunday, 6:39 AM

Sunday, 8:39 AM

Sunday, 9:39 AM
San Francisco
Los Angeles

Sunday, 11:39 AM
Mexico City

Sunday 12:39 PM
La Paz

Sunday 1:39 PM
Sao Paulo

Sunday, 5:39 PM

Sunday, 6:39 PM
Cape Town

Sunday, 7:39 PM

Sunday, 9:09 PM

Sunday, 10:09 PM
New Delhi

Monday, 12:39 AM

Monday, 1:39 AM

Some of these times are summer hours, depending on the location.



Solstice actions

Posted under the tab “What we can do; Working with Water” is a suggestion from Tom Kenyon for creating healing water for oneself.

Let’s take this idea and expand it much, much further.

Allow some time before the exact moment of Solstice.

Create a sacred space for this. Be aware of yourself, your breathing, your body, and where you are. Spend some time being thankful for yourself.

Hold Japan and its surrounding seas in your hands. Bring your love and healing from every part of your being, to your heart and then down to your hands, to Japan — to all the people, all the living beings, all the waters there, the sky, the land, and the surrounding ocean.

Hold the Pacific Ocean, from shore to shore, between your hands. Bring down the wisdom and beauty and love from the highest part of yourself to the deep goodness of your heart. Then let that flow down to your hands and to the ocean. Spend time doing this.

Then, hold the Earth in the same way. Send that healing and love from all of you, coming to your heart, then flowing down your arms to your hands to the Earth.

As the Solstice takes place, join in your imagination with all of us as we focus our love and gratitude and healing power on our beautiful Earth.

The solstice time is 10:51 UTC on June 21.

12:51 AM HAST Honolulu, Hawaii

2:51 AM Anchorage, Alaska

3:51 AM PDT North America, (West Coast); British Columbia

5:51 AM CDT Mexico City, Mexico

6:51 AM EDT North America (East Coast); Montreal, Quebec; Santiago, Chile

7:51 AM Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

10:51 AM UTC

11:51 AM London, England

12:51 PM Paris, France; Johannesburg, South Africa

1:51 PM Cairo, Egypt; Bagdad, Iraq

2:51 PM MSK Moscow, Russia

3:21 PM Tehran, Iran (UTC + 4 ½ hours)

3:51 PM Lahore, Pakistan

4:21 PM New Delhi, India (UTC + 5 ½ hours)

6:51 PM Manila, Philippines; Hong Kong; Beijing, China

7:51 PM Tokyo, Japan

8:51 PM AEST, Sydney, Australia; Guam

10:51 PM Marshall Islands

Other local times can be found here: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

Imagine what many of us together, all over the world, can create with our love, thankfulness, and healing energy at that time.

I am sending this with love and gratitude to you who care.