May 2015 surge in iodine-131 indicates recriticality; emissions event July 1 at Fukushima, fallout over West Coast by July 4

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July 2, 2015

…Meanwhile, iodine-131 continues to spew out of the destroyed Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. I-131 started rising in April, and it was detected in Scandinavia in early May.

These readings from Niigata prefecture sewage sludge in June indicate the highest level of I-131 since September 2013 (which was gnarly).

Sludge from Fukushima prefecture shows that I-131 was rising in the later part of May:

A surge in iodine-131 emissions indicates a recriticality is taking place. It also means that the corium is heating up. This isotope causes thyroid cancer and other thyroid and pituitary diseases.

And an emission event was observed yesterday by the webcam watchers at Enenews:

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Alert for radiation readings this week:

People watching the webcams have reported an event ongoing at Fukushima

Pure water, Majia, Nuckelchen, Horse, irhologram and many others are posting images and describing an event with:

yellow gases coming up from the ground
black smoke
Pink skies, etc.

Fallout from such an event would likely hit the west coast by July 4th, and the rest of the U.S. thereafter.

Some of their images:

Majia has a good summary of this event on her blog.