— Beta radiation spikes from the Netherlands to Russia + Snapshots of 3-month radiation graphs + (EURDEP)

From Michaël Van Broekhoven, Allegedly Apparent:

7, 2016 (June 8, 2016, 0:45 am UTC)



Scroll down for the two beta radiation data graphs (at the end of this blog post).

The below graphs show three 1-month radiation graphs pasted together (3 months per line), in no particular order.  The exact location can be found with the coordinates listed unde the monitor name.   This adds to many months of documentations that without any doubt:   Something’s up!

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— Researcher asks for investigative help to verify major nuclear accident(s) in 2016 and cover-up

From Allegedly Apparent
May 1, 2016

Request for Investigative Assistance! WANTED: Verification of MAJOR Nuclear Accident(s) in 2016: WHEN, WHERE, HOW BAD, and WHO is covering it up?

https://goo.gl/ZYEdai — short link

Excerpt on detections:

Ruthenium-103, mid-January 2016, Southern Norway
Cesium-137, early/mid-March 2016, Far-Northern Finland
Tellurium-103, late April 2016, Northern Germany