— February 15 and 16, 2023 meetings of the Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee

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Morning Session – 02/15 – 9:00am

IV Action Items: C. Discussion of open items list (maintenance needed)

Afternoon Session – 02/15 – 1:30pm

XII Discussion: review, evaluation, and assessment of matters affected by extended operation under SB 846 including seismic safety, maintenance, and capital project planning

Evening Session – 02/15 – 5:15pm

XVIII Presentation by PG&E 

1. update on planning for both decommissioning and extended operations, including plans for license renewal

2. plans for reviewing, approving, and implementing capital projects and changes to maintenance programs needed to support extended operations

3. status of retention programs, attrition, and efforts to retain qualified staff for extended operations

Morning Session – 02/16 – 9:00am

XXV Presentation by PG&E on the state of the plant including key events, outages, highlights, organizational changes, results of refueling outage 2R23, Unit 2 reactor coolant system piping leak and other issues

Afternoon Session – 02/16 – 1:15pm

XXXI Presentation by PG&E on spent fuel management