— Cover-up of radioactive and toxic waste at San Francisco; whistleblowers fired; 25 millirem used for testing in violation of EPA standards

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The 420-acre shipyard was one of the nation’s most notorious Superfund sites, home to a federal nuclear program begun in 1946 that included a secret laboratory [Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory] where tests were conducted to determine the effects of radiation on living organisms. Military equipment and ships contaminated by atomic bomb explosions were kept at Hunters Point, and the grounds were polluted with petroleum fuels, pesticides, heavy metals, PCBs, organic compounds and asbestos. — SF Chronicle, February 7, 2017

On February 8, 2017, government agencies held a  meeting on the state of clean up at San Francisco’s former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. It was an open format”  meeting with poster boards and reps scattered around the room, forcing people to individually talk with reps. This was done instead of a real meeting before the whole audience — presentations by the various oversight agencies and questions and answers from audience which would put them on record for their remarks and which everyone could hear. “A government propaganda show,” said a community advocate. This format was deliberately chosen for lack of accountability.

The Navy representative refused to answer a request to hold a meeting with presentations and debate.

Government representatives included:

Nina Bacey, California Dept of Toxic Substances Control
Amy Browntell, SF Department of Public Health
Lily Lee, EPA Cleanup Project Manager, Superfund Division
Zach?, U.S. Navy
Malia Cohen, SF Board of Supervisors

Community advocates who spoke on camera included:

Marie Harris, Green Action
Bradley Angel, Green Action
Dr. Ray Tomkins, environmental scientist
Daniel Hirsch, UCSC Executive Director on Environmental and      Nuclear Policy; Founder, Committee to Bridge the Gap

Comments and interviews:

3:10 Interview of Nina Bacey, California DTSC

16:13 Interview of Amy Brownell, SF Public Health

18:37 Marie Harris, Green Action

20:10 Bradley Angel, Green Action

22:11 Dr. Ray Tomkins, environmental scientist — on the testing

29:13 Interview of Lily Lee, EPA

35:10 Daniel Hirsch (UCSC) questions Lily Lee (EPA)

41:40 Interview of Malia Cohen, SF Supervisor

45:07 Bradley Angel, Green Action

From the Labor Video Project

Cover up blows up at SF Hunters Point Naval Shipyard “Clean-up” Meeting, 2-7-17

At a meeting at San Francisco Hunters Point superfund site, the US Navy, EPA, California Department of Toxic Substances and San Francisco Department of Public Health tried to explain what they are doing about the systemic falsification of testing at the highly contaminated site. There has been on Federal, state or local criminal investigation of the intimidation, workplace bullying and termination of health and safety testers and whistleblowers at Test America and Tetra Tech. The US Navy also said they are still employing Tetra Tech around the United States.


In San Francisco Hunters Point on February 8, 2017, the US Navy, EPA, California Department of Toxic Substances and San Francisco Health Department held an orchestrated dog and pony show to assure the people of San Francisco and the Hunters Point/Bayview community that they are properly protecting the people after health and safety whistleblowers have exposed the falsification of testing at the site. The African American community and particularly children have been severely affected by the large amount of toxins including radioactive material on the site and now thousands of homes are being built by Lennar Urban on the contaminated areas.
These agencies are supposed to be responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the highly dangerous Superfund radioactive toxic site yet according to them there has been no criminal investigation and prosecution of Tetra Tech and Test America which were involved in bullying, harassing and terminating employees that spoke out about the systemic falsification of the tests of toxics.
San Francisco city officials including the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and politicians including Mayor Ed Lee, Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein have also refused to call for any hearings or investigations of the violation of health and safety rights and illegal terminations of whistleblowers including Michael Madry a quality control manager of Test America and Federal OSHA Whistleblower Protection Program investigator and lawyer who was fired by OSHA chief David Michaels and former Department of Labor DOL secretary Tom Perez.
These workers are still fighting for their jobs back and have gone to many of these agencies including the EPA to address these issues.
Radiation on living systems
The US Navy, EPA and other agencies are saying that the site is safe and the contamination is not a problem for community housing even though there have been systemic corruption in the collection of data and illegal criminal retaliation against whistleblowers at Tetra Tech and Test America.
Nina Bacey of California Department of Toxic Substances does damage control


Nina Bacey who is with the California Department of Toxic Substances says that she is unaware of the systemic cover-up of testing of toxics and radioactive material at the site and claims that that site. She also says the State Of California has refused to protect the illegal retaliation of OSHA and health and safety whistleblowers such as Michael Madry who was a quality assurance manager at Test America and blew the whistle on fake tests the company was conducting. Cal OSHA has refused to properly investigate and protect the numerous Hunters Point Naval plant whistleblowers who lost their job for trying to protect the public.

Radiation map at Hunters Point

The US Navy is telling the public that everything is now under control but continues to employ Tetra Tech around the country despite the criminal conspiracy to retaliate against health and safety OSHA whistleblowers who went public on how the testing was being rigged to push the development through.

U.S. Navy admits fake testing


[Contrast this chart title with the SF Chronicle report on Feb. 7 (see below) stating: “The Navy will host a public meeting Wednesday to explain the soil-sampling misrepresentations and its plan to resolve the questionable data.” Residents at the meeting said the posters in room said nothing about the falsifications.}

The US Navy has now admitted that there were fake tests done on the Hunters Point site but refuses to demand a criminal investigation and prosecution of Tetra Tech and Test America which the US government has spent tens of millions of dollars on to do the environmental testing on.

Stop lying to the public says Marie Harris


Marie Harris with Green Action called out officials for covering up the fake tests and attempting to push ahead with the development. She also pointed out that the EPA and the US Navy allowed the improper removal of contaminated soil that was shipped out of the area to other communities.

Contaminated soil piles at Hunters Point

The US Navy, EPA, the State Of California and the city of San Francisco officials have allowed the improper removal of contaminated material from Hunters Point and also have all refused to hold the companies criminally responsible for illegal retaliation and workplace bullying to silence health and safety workers at the site.




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