— Chitin, important for intestinal health, absorbs and bioaccumulates radiation

Another great article from this fantastic website showing the impact of radiation on our gut!

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Pro-biotic Food Stuffs and Gut “Flora” –Necessary for Health and Immune System, Destroyed by Fake Food

August, 2016

Roughly there are 10 important gut bacteria.   See Chart.

Gut flora has somehow taken a huge nosedive in the last few years, and now Pro-biotic is a common word.

Some gut flora is greatly benefited by the presence of Oligosaccharides in the gut.

OK for those that follow me, this is now going to knock your socks off.

What is the best source of Oligosaccharides?


And Chitin absorbs radiation like a sponge and bioconcentrates it.

So the thing that we need desperately for gut health is destroyed by radiation.

And Fukushima released as much radiation as ALL THE ATOMIC BOMB TEST EVER CONDUCTED.

Research on Chitin and Gut Flora

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