Reminder: February 22 — global meditation experiment

From Dr. Buryl Payne, PhD —

FEBRUARY 22, 2016


In three small pilot studies and one experiment on two people outside of the U.S. RADIOACTIVITY WAS DECREASED. MORE PEOPLE PROBABLY CAN LOWER THE RADIOACTIVITY. This is an unrecognized power of humans. Join and tell your friends to join also.

On February 22, 2016, use your thought power to lower radioactivity background level of the Earth. Please do it for 15 minutes at any convenient time during that day.

People have the power to talk to trees and ants, cats and dogs, and other life forms, but they are not taught how to do that in schools. We are planning to teach kids how to do that.
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The Fukushima Disaster’s Radioactive WASTE CONTINUES TO ACCUMULATE on the West Coast AND ALL OVER THE WORLD!  Ocean currents are carrying radioactive particles from the Japanese flooded reactor to the West Coast of North America.

Measurement of the accumulated radioactive materials is difficult to make because:

1.  There are different sizes and types of Geiger counters.

2.  Ocean currents vary with tides, shoreline and undersea topography

3.  Ocean currents also vary with surface winds.

Radioactive particles of different elements differ in density and travel differently in the ocean. The important thing is that radioactivity is there and will continue to increase since radioactive waste from Fukushima continues to flow into the ocean.  Plus radioactive contamination from nuclear bomb tests, nuclear power plants and their waste. Coal burning power plants continue to pollute the environment.

No matter what are the difficulties of making meaningful measurements, one study showed elevated rates of low thyroid in babies especially after the initial tidal wave from Fukushima.


April 2015, we held a third study that DEMONSTRATED human intention reduced the radioactivity of a sample from 148 to 121 counts per minute. Two previous pilot studies also showed that radioactive counts were reduced when people made a mental effort for 5 – 10 minutes to reduce them.

This indicates that the older idea in physics of a fixed decay rate for radioactivity is incorrect. This may be a way to reduce the ever accumulating radioactive waste from the Fukushima mishap to a safer level.

So far, three pilot studies have shown over a 10% decrease in radiation when people mentally focused on it decreasing.

As a practiced meditator, your help is desperately needed to focus your minds on decreasing radioactivity.  Please invite all your friends and colleagues to focus their minds on the radioactivity decreasing.


­Thank you!