– Poem: What Nuclear Means

Posted on ENE News, October 8, 2015

What Nuclear Means
By Or-well

Compromised leaders selling illusions,
“Science” “advisors” hyping delusions,
Medical “experts” in collusion,
Complicit media spreading confusion,
Corporations with “profit solutions” –
That’s what Nuclear means.

You won’t hear truth about emissions,
(just that you better stop locally fishin’),
All your concerns will be met with derision
As PR flacks lie with precision
And what is safe won’t be your decision –
That’s what nuclear means.

You’ll need a wig and adult diapers in jeans,
You’ll set off airport screening machines,
Men can’t reproduce with rad-fried “beans”,
if they do the kids will be frankensteins.

Kids exhausted instead of being frisky,
Thyroid glands getting all cysty,
White blood-cell counts too low and risky,
Damaged hearts can’t risk beating briskly,
Cancer at 6 instead of at 60,
Weeping parents give one final kissy –