Sign the petition to Tokyo: “Resign as host of 2020 Olympics”

This petition was created by Carol Wolman MD who also wrote this editorial

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We, the undersigned, join Ambassador Mitsuhei Murata in calling for “an honorable retreat” for Japan, resigning the position of Host for the 2020 Olympic Games. Since Fukushima is already contaminating Tokyo, says Mr. Murata, bringing people there in large numbers for the games (and the workers building the facilities before that event) is immoral and unethical.

Tokyo Electric Power Company’s (TEPCO) Fukushima Daiichi, the nuclear reactor complex that was damaged by the earthquake/tsunami of March 2011, continues to spew forth radioactivity today.  Unfortunately, the site is nowhere near “under control”, and there is no guarantee it will be by 2020. Periodic releases of radioactive material into the air spread all over northern Japan, including Tokyo.  The radiation level in Tokyo has gone from 0.036 microseverts/hour to 13 microseverts/hour, according to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

The Olympic practice field is only 20 kilometers from the reactor complex.  JP gov is even considering  programing 2020 Olympic-torch relay races near Fukushima plant “to fight harmful rumor.”

If the 2020 summer games are held in Tokyo, the world’s finest young athletes will be exposed to radiation, along with the workers building the complex and the people from all over the world who attend.

We also must not forget that the country is facing the unprecedented nuclear crisis that continues to spread across its land and ocean, and even across national borders. There still is no provisions for a safe work environment at Fukushima Complex. The evacuated people still haven’t secured safe and healthy living environments, nor are they financially stable. Instead of spending resources on the Olympic Games, Japan should prioritize to restore the affected people’s livelihood as well as prevent further radioactive contamination.