Love water

Water is alive, as alive as you and me.

Masaru Emoto’s work stresses the importance of water.

Get a glass of water and look at it. Love that water, and not just the water in the glass, but through it to the water everywhere.

We can love the water in everything and everyone. It is capable of cleansing and restoration.

Even if we can’t love certain people, we can love the water.

That water needs our love and support, just as we do.

Especially in this crisis, love the water outward to the ocean, to the reservoirs of drinking water in Japan, the groundwater flowing under the Fukushima reactors, the rivers, like the Columbia River with Hanford radiation flowing into it, and all the streams and rivers drying up on the American West Coast because of the drought created by a high pressure zone (also in North Korea), as well as the water in the Nuclear Regulatory Commissioners and staff, the International Atomic Energy Agency leaders and staff, the nuclear industry executives, public relations contractors, and staff, and the politicians and scientists and nuclear engineers. And the water in people in general, many of whom don’t want to know about this disaster or do anything about it.

Love the water.

Love the water.

Thank you.