Call for international prayer=heart action

Prayer is needed every day. Prayer is an action of the heart. It does not have to involve religions or gods. It is our birthright as humans in that we can focus and send our energies and love.

Last year, the URI Environmental Cooperation Circle called for every Friday to be a day of prayer for Fukushima and for the earth. Prayer is needed every day , but this is a day we can join our love and energies together to stop this horrible disaster.

This is in solidarity with the unprecedented numbers of Japanese people who have been taking to the streets of Tokyo on Fridays.  URI is in many countries.  Shortly after sending out the notice, they received a reply that it is happening in Pakistan.

The prayer they created is below. This is a starting point. Please feel free to use or adapt this interfaith prayer, or create one of your own choosing.

The important thing is to do it.

We ask for healing for those in need, and aid from Spirit, that the indomitable spirit of our collective humanity create and enact solutions to all environmental challenges, especially the on-going nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi.  May this be a widespread wake up call so that, together, we accomplish the Great Turning for a sustainable, peaceful world with justice, safety and good health for all.