Voices from Fukushima

From Japanese Against Nuclear UK http://www.januk.org/english/voice.html

A Fukushima mother says:
My children cannot play outside any more.
Children around here have all got into the habit of walking in the middle of the road to avoid the radiation in dust by the kerbside.
They go and ask adults if it is OK to touch the soil even on their recuperation holiday.

A child writes:
My wishes today are very different from the ones I had before.
These are my wishes today:
Please make radiation disappear.
Please make my home an evacuation zone.
Please make Japan peaceful again.
I want to live a long life.
I want to know if adults really think everything is alright?
I want adults to get rid of nuclear power plants from Japan because we have many earthquakes here.
I want to cheer up people who have evacuated.
I want to make everyone smile and feel happy.

I want everyone in Japan to rebuild our village.
I want to have a dog outside when the radiation disappears.
I want to go to recuperation with my school friends.

Another child says:
How long will I live?
Why do I have to change schools?
Everyday, I have to wear a long-sleeved top, long trousers, a mask and a hat even on a hottest day.
I can’t play outside.
We can’t open windows.
My mother is always watching TV or sitting in front of the computer, checking news.
I’m changing school and there are only seven days left. I’m very sad. I don’t want to go.
The TV says Fukushima is safe, but when we go to those talks, the speakers say it is not safe.

A teenage girl says:
I worry if I will have a healthy baby when I grow up and get married.
My mother is doing all she can to protect me.
She stops me from participating in the physical education classes outside.
She buys food produced far away from Fukushima.
But, I know I’m still taking in radiation bit by bit.
My body is contaminated compared to other normal people.
My baby might be born with disabilities.
My womb may become damaged, and I may not be able to have a baby.
I’m prepared for the possibility that I can’t have children.