Fantasy, reality, and fear

Why does our society go crazy over Harry Potter, Walt Disney fantasies, the Hobbit, and other fairy tales?


Because people gravitate to who they are. They remember in their bones and deep in their cells who they are. And they know deep down it is their birthright to be people of fire and power.


Because of those powers, some of our ancestors were ostracized, persecuted, tortured, burned at the stake, and suffered other horrific treatments.


Fear is what keeps everyone buttoned up and locked up tight – fear of what happened to “those” people.  But that fear is the thing that can kill you and your loved ones because this disaster is so far-reaching.


We are people of power and fire. Different people have different gifts to different levels.


Those abilities are needed now.


Face your fears.  Step out into the light. Be who you are.


You are who we need. You have inner resources that can restore and heal. Reconnect to you.