Petition calls for independent investigation and monitoring of contamination

This petition was created by Carol Wolman of Oakland, California. It is to U.S. West Coast Senators — Hawaii, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, and California. Excerpts below: “Dear West Coast Senators: We the undersigned are deeply concerned about the radiation danger from the ongoing disaster at the Japanese nuclear complex at Fukushima-Daiichi. We are asking you to conduct a thorough investigation of the continuing damage to West Coast states, and the potential danger of another catastrophe. This would include a detailed inspection of the facility by a team of experts who are independent of the nuclear industry, as well as ongoing monitoring of West Coast and Hawaii  water, air and food for radiation.  We are especially concerned about making sure the site is safe in case of another huge earthquake, which is not unlikely. Another big concern is pollution of the Pacific Ocean from ongoing discharge of radioactive water from the plant.  Already, radioactive fish are migrating to the West Coast.  Mammals at the top of the oceanic food chain are exhibiting strange symptoms, such as the epidemic of sea lion strandings in California… Although the initial meltdown of three reactors, from the earthquake/tsunami of March 11, 2011, occurred over 2 years ago, the complex is still highly unstable, and leaking radiation constantly into the air and water. The Pacific Ocean is more and more contaminated. West Coast marine mammals are dying by the thousands, and West Coast babies are sick. The FDA is not testing food for radiation, although many fish are contaminated, and there have been reports of milk, mushrooms, seaweed being radioactive. Nor is the air along the coast being checked by official agencies… This is an international problem. Many say it is THE most dangerous situation on the planet at this time. It especially affects the residents of West Coast states. Your investigation is urgently needed, to shed light, bring attention, and help find technical and financial solutions.” In addition to signing the petition online, if local groups also printed a copy and collected signatures, this could be delivered to local elected officials along with requests for local action, such as air, water, soil, and food monitoring.